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We can train, teach and show you how to build an eCommerce business

how Alibaba works

What we can do for you

Running an eCommerce business isn’t easy. Having someone by your side who has the experience and knowledge to help guide you can make the difference between failure and success. 

We’ve helped our clients source products through Alibaba, design a website, create business plans, run a Facebook ad campaign and much much more!


How it works

We start with a consultation to evaluate your needs and goals. Next, we create a step by step roadmap for you to follow. We’ll monitor your progress and make sure to answer your questions along the way. 

We are available to you via Skype, Text messaging and Phone

how Alibaba works
how Alibaba works

Who needs a coach?

Whether you’re starting out or have an existing eCommerce business, a coach can help you:
achieve your goals faster, make informed decisions, find solutions to technical problems and generate ideas to grow. Our clients include startups, established businesses, stay at home parents, and many others.

What our clients say

Shaan has been a very, very helpful part to setting up my new website and social media pages, with a lot of tips, tricks plus A LOT of knowledge. He is a quick communicator and always answers my emails with a detailed explanation on what to do/how to fix the problem. He definitely knows what he is doing.  I would be nowhere near where I want to be with my website if I hadn’t found Shaan/E-Commerce MVP. He is a nice, ambitious person too, bonus!

Sara K, Clear Minded

We hired Shaan and his team to clean up someone else’s mess and he really came through. He created a step by step plan for us and made sure we stuck to it. His ability to explain technical issues combined with his knowledge of digital marketing and social media made him a valuable asset to our company. I highly recommend him!

Bryan J., Majesty Diamonds

I rarely made a decision without consulting Shaan first. He really helped me grow by eCommerce business. He helped me develop an SEO strategy, managed by facebook ads and showed me how to make my company stand out and be more professional

Mark A, Big Acrylic

Finally, someone who can explain things to me in a language I understand. Shaan is an excellent communicator and has a knack for making complex topics really simple.

Derrick P., Counter Punch
how Alibaba works


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