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 The hardest part of starting an eCommerce business is knowing where and how to start. The internet is filled with information but combing through websites, podcasts, courses, and videos takes its toll and eventually, people just give up.  We want to avoid this endless cycle and give you straightforward advice and guidance to help you start and grow your online business.

 We’re here to give you ideas, answer questions and provide mentorship to help you build a profitable eCommerce business.

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Shaan has been a very, very helpful part to setting up my new website and social media pages, with a lot of tips, tricks plus A LOT of knowledge. He is a quick communicator and always answers my emails with a detailed explanation on what to do/how to fix the problem. He definitely knows what he is doing.  I would be nowhere near where I want to be with my website if I hadn’t found Shaan/E-Commerce MVP. He is a nice, ambitious person too, bonus!

Highly recommend Shaan and his team. They are very well versed in eCommerce and understand the business landscape. We started by asking him to clean up our PrestaShop website and quickly hired him to be our resident consultant. His knowledge of PPC ad campaigns, Social media marketing, and eCommerce solutions is unrivaled.

Really helped me grow my eCommerce business. He helped me develop an SEO strategy, managed by facebook ads and showed me how to make my company stand out and be more professional. I would recommend Shaan and his team to anyone who wants to start a business

Mark A, Big Acrylic

I hired Shaan as a coach after watching his Alibaba course. He helped me source products from India, designed my landing page, created a 3D model (which I didn’t even know you could do) and continues to be my coach. I even hired him for another project.

Derrick P., Counter Punch

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