Have you heard? Podcasts are back!. The early podcasting craze took a nose dive in recent years due to poorly produced content and poor audio quality. But in the past 24 months podcasts have seen a resurgence thanks in large part to the main stream media adapting to the technology as well as the emergence of micro podcasts that are industry focused and highly educational.

Podcasts are a great way to develop your professional skills by learning new strategies while also staying up to date on what is happening in the business and marketing world. If you’re an eCommerce entrepreneur then listening to podcasts should be part of your daily routine.

Here are 5 eCommerce related podcasts you must listen to in 2016:

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 #1 – Shopify Masters

Target Audience:  eCommerce Site Owners of all sizes.

What makes it good: It’s called Shopify masters but host Felix Thea does an excellent job appealing to a wider audience by interviewing successful eCommerce store owners and asking them relevant and engaging questions that all listeners regardless of their level of experience and success can benefit from.

One episode worth listening to is an interview with Alitura founder Andy Hnilo who shares his inspirational story on how he built his business after being a victim in a horrific car accident. Listen to the episode here

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#2 – The $100 MBA Show

Target Audience:  emerging eCommerce entrepreneurs

What makes it good: A fast paced and informative podcast that focuses on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Host Omar Zenhom brings enthusiasm and exuberance to his daily 10 minutes self hosted show and provides listeners with motivation and practical advice that can be easily executed.

In addition, Omar runs a popular interactive online community/mastermind of business owners and entrepreneurs and every Friday he gives away one free life time membership (valued at a $100) to his $100 MBA program.

Give the 100MBA Podcast a listen.

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#3 eCommerce Fuel Podcast

Target Audience:  Experienced eCommerce Site Owners

What makes it good:  Owner of  http://www.rightchannelradios.com/, Andrew Youderian brings his experience and insight to a weekly podcast where he and a rotating line up of co-hosts share their experience and expertise on how to build a six-figure eCommerce business.

The topics are slightly more advanced compared traditional podcasts , but it’s a great forum to pick up ideas and strategies from someone who has achieved success using the very topics he discusses in his podcast.


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#4 Entrepreneur on Fire

Target Audience:  Entrepreneurs of any level of experience and success

What makes it good: Rarely do you find a list of top business podcasts without the inclusion of Entrepreneur on Fire. With a new episode released everyday of the week and with over 1,000 episodes under his belt, host John Lee Dumas is quickly risen to the of the Podcasts charts.

His guests include A-list business entrepreneurs and executives including Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos),  Tim Ferris (Author, podcaster), Barbara Corcoran (entrepreneur, Shark Tank) and countless others. If you need ideas, motivation or general advice, the EO fire podcast is the place to find it.


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#5 My Wife Quit Her Job

Target Audience:  Small to mid-size eCommerce site owners

What makes it good: Host Steve Chou provides in depth analysis by conducting a deep dive with a different eCommerce store owner every week.   While some podcasts invite guests to celebrate their success, Steve does a great job of staying on topic and making sure his guests provide valuable insight and genuine answers to his questions.


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