1. I don’t know anything about running a business. Some of the most successful businesses were started by people who had no clue what it takes to run a business. You don’t need anything to start your own business other than the will to try and learn. 

2. I don’t have anything to sell – You don’t need to re-invent the wheel to sell a product.  Make a list of 10 products you use everyday then go to Alibaba.com and find the supplier. Find a way to tweak a product and make it unique OR you can sell products under your own private label.

3. I don’t have a registered business. Incorporating or registering your business is important to protect yourself from personal liability. But you can do that later. The key is to get started.  Creating a corporation or LLC is actually quite easy and inexpensive. There are a number of services that handle all the paperwork for you.

4.  I’m not a technical person. You can hire people to do ALL the technical work for you. Use sites likes www.upwork.com, www.elance.com, www.freelancer.com, www.fiverr.com to hire overseas freelancers who cost pennies on the dollar and do everything from web development to graphic design.

5. I don’t have money to start a business  You don’t need thousands of dollars to start a business. You just need enough to cover the basic start-up costs. This includes, sourcing products, and building a website. The former depends on the types of products you want to sell and the latter can be done for under $500. All told you need about $700-$1000 to start a minimum viable online business.